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Nelson Wood Shims was founded in 1960 by Wilbert Nelson. Prior to starting the shim business, Wilbert made his living for many years as a carpenter on the Iron Range in northern Minnesota.

Having used thousands of shims in his career, he was unsatisfied with the inconsistent quality of the shims in the market. He decided to make an improvement and started his own business. Nelson strived to make a true shim—consistent in width and length and feathered ends. The Nelson shim was an instant hit with contractors and lumberyards.

Though Wilbert is no longer with us, his tradition lives on. Nelson Wood Shims is still making the same true shim in a variety of sizes and styles. Our shims are cut from top quality coniferous wood grown in North America and around the world. We test the shims for the proper moisture content, and then inspect them for quality and function to ensure they meet the "Nelson" standards.

Nelson Wood Shims is the largest shim manufacturer in North America. Our state-of-the-art, high volume facility produces quality products for distribution nationwide. Contact Nelson Wood Shims today to learn how our quality products, display techniques and cross merchandising programs can increase your sales and profits.