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8" COMPOSITE SHIMS (32-piece)

Item Number: WC8/32/15/50

Description: master cartons of 8" wood composite
shims, 32 shims per individual carton, 15 individual
cartons per master carton

Carton UPC Code: 0 91996 26261 9

Master Carton UPC Code: 100 91996 26261 6

Quantity Per Individual Carton: 32 shims

Quantity Per Master Carton: 15 individual cartons

Quantity Per Pallet: 50 master cartons

Individual Carton Size: 5.75"h x 8.3"w x 1.5"d

Individual Carton Weight: (Approx.) 1.8 pounds

Cubic Feet Per Carton: .05

Master Carton Size: 8.8"h x 17.5"w x 9.3"d

Master Carton Weight: (Approx.) 31 pounds

Cubic Feet Per Master Carton: .94

Pallet Size: 44"w x 36"d x 47"h

Cubic Feet Per Pallet: 55.37

Pallet Weight: (Approx.) 1590 pounds

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Item Number: WC8/12/32/78HN

Description: bundles of 8" composite shims
with holes, 12 shims per bundle

Case UPC Code: 200 91996 123204

Ind. Package UPC Code: 0 91996 123 200

Quantity Per Carton: 32 bundles per carton

Quantity Per Pallet: 78 cartons per pallet

Carton Size: 6.25"h x 8.6"w x 17"d

Cubic Feet Per Carton: .50

Weight Per Carton: (Approx.) 22 pounds

Pallet Size: 43"w x 51"d x 42"h

Cubic Feet Per Pallet: 51

Pallet Weight: (Approx.) 1860 pounds

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