Our Story

Founded in 1960 by Wilbert Nelson, a seasoned carpenter from the Iron Range in northern Minnesota, Nelson Wood Shims rose from the need for superior quality in the industry. Over his career, Wilbert had employed thousands of shims, yet found the quality to be inconsistently satisfactory. Driven to instigate an improvement, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey to create his own line of shims.

Wilbert aimed for perfection—a shim that was consistent in width, length, and featured precisely feathered ends. His efforts bore fruit as the Nelson shim quickly gained recognition and favor among contractors and lumberyards.

While Wilbert is no longer with us, his legacy endures. Nelson Wood Shims continues to produce the same authentic shims he envisioned, now available in a variety of sizes and styles. Our shims are crafted from high-quality coniferous wood sourced from North America and around the globe. We meticulously test each shim for appropriate moisture content, and conduct rigorous quality and functionality inspections to ensure they meet our stringent “Nelson” standards.

Today, Nelson Wood Shims stands as the most prominent shim manufacturer in North America. Our advanced, high-volume facility churns out premium products destined for distribution across the nation. Connect with Nelson Wood Shims today to discover how our superior products, innovative display methods, and cross-merchandising programs can boost your sales and profitability.



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